Weddings of Tulsa – A Bridal Show Every Day!

At Weddings of Tulsa, we are a Bridal Show Every Day! We are open during the week to allow you the peace of mind to not feel pressured to plan everything all at once. We have over 50 vendor booths that you can grab information from each day. Our Bridal Assistants are here to help you learn about vendors, and get you in contact with them. We don’t have all of our vendors on site, unless we are having one of our Bridal Events. About every 8 weeks, we host an open house so you can meet the vendors. We let the vendors put on the party, so you can see exactly what they can do for you and your wedding.

Our showroom also hosts a “Venue Room” with over 15 of Tulsa’s wedding venues so you can learn what they have to offer. It is the perfect place to start your wedding planning process. We also have private consultation rooms, meeting spaces, and much more for you to enjoy! Be sure to swing by our location in Tulsa to learn more. We know how stressful this can be, let our professionals take care of you!