Weddings of Tulsa’s Bridal Showcase!

Our next event is the Weddings of Tulsa Bridal Showcase, on April 17th! 


Join us for our Spring Bridal Showcase! Over 50 of Tulsa’s top wedding professionals under 1 roof. You do not want to miss this event! Join us to get inspired as you plan your big day. Taste the cake, hop in a photobooth, sample food from our caterers, and much more!

Tickets: $10 online / $12 at the door (ticket link)

Showtimes (Identical Showtimes): 1pm and 3pm



What can I expect?
This event is an open house mixer where we invite out all of our vendors. This gives you the opportunity to chat with vendors in person. We also have several “featured areas” for you to see some of our vendors in action. From tasing the cake, to looking at centerpieces, and much more!

Can I bring children?
Children over the age of 3 years old will require a ticket. Our goal is to be as hospitable as possible, but we recommend you get a sitter so you can focus on chatting with vendors.

Is there a difference between showtimes?
Simple answer, nope! We have a showroom that only holds about 250 guests at a time, so we break it up into different showtimes so it isn’t too crowded for you or our vendors. Our goal is to give you the time you need to talk with every vendor that you want to.

Will I get spammed?
We are very specific with our vendors about how they can get in contact with you. When filling out your registration, you will put how you prefer to be contacted. If you feel as though any vendor is over stepping, just let us know and we will handle it for you. The vendors have been instructed that they can use your information to follow up, but not harrass anyone =)

I have been to an event before, should I come to this one?
Absolutely! We change out our features, themes, and details for every event. We intend on each bride joining us for 4-6 events before her wedding to really get to know the vendors before making a decision.

Can I buy tickets at the door?
We have a set number of tickets, and once they are gone, they are gone! We recommend grabbing your tickets online ( before the day of to ensure you get in! Also, tickets are $2 more at the door!

Do I need to bring a physical ticket?
No. You just need the email confirmation and your name. Every bride must preregister before entering the event ( as well.

Here are some images from our previous event

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  • JRP_4033
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