Surprise Tulsa Wedding, by Picturesque Photos by Amanda

Surprise Tulsa Wedding, by Picturesque Photos by Amanda


Kaci and Chance decided to throw a surprise wedding and not tell any of the guests! Yep, you read that correctly. All of the guests believed they were going to an engagement party at their home, and were surprised to find out that they weren’t at an engagement party, but their wedding! One of our featured vendors, Picturesque Photos by Amanda was able to capture this lovely day. Route 66 Photo Booth was able to be there too! Such a sweet and fun idea to really have a great time. This back yard BBQ was a party for all of their friends and family to enjoy. When it comes down to it, the wedding is about the bride and groom, and their love for one another. To celebrate in a way that was so casual is a really neat thing to see. We don’t recommend this for everyone, but think it is a great idea to consider!

Be sure to check out Picturesque Photos by Amanda, and Route 66 Photo Booth at Weddings of Tulsa. Below are some images from the big day! So much fun!

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Photography – Picturesque Photos by Amanda
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Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-1 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-2 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-3 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-4 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-5 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-6 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-7 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-8 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-9 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-10 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-11 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-12 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-13 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-14 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-15 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-16 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-17 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-18 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-19 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-20 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-21 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-22 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-23 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-24 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-25 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-26 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-27 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-28 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-29 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-30 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-31 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-32 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-33 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-34 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-35 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-36 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-37 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-38 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-39 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-40 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-41 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-42 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-43 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-44 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-45 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-46 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-47 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-48 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-49 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-50 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-51 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-52 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-53 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-54 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-55 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-56 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-57 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-58 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-59 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-60 Picturesque-SkidgelWedding-61


For more information about this surprise Tulsa Wedding, be sure to check out Picturesque Photos by Amanda’s blog by clicking here!