We designed Weddings of Tulsa to help brides connect with quality vendors, and vendors to connect with quality brides. We opened our business in 2012, and have continued to grow into what we are today!

Who we are:

We are a group of local Wedding Professionals in the Tulsa area. Our members are some of the highest caliber and quality vendors in the community. Our members care more about quality than quantity. Our vendors go above and beyond to make the bride and groom’s day the best it can be. We are constantly pushing the bounds of what can be done at a wedding, and search for our ideal clients that have the same ideas in mind.

Weddings of Tulsa hosts 4 parties a year (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) at local wedding venues to help you ease the stress of planning your wedding! Are you a bride of one of our members? If so, you get a pair of tickets to the event! Tickets will also be for sale (in limited quantities) to the public.

We get it! You’ve never done this before. Planning a wedding is hard work! Yes we are all small business owners that want to earn your trust. But we are a group of professionals that actually care about your ideas. We care about your wedding.

You should come to our events if:
– You care about the quality of your wedding
– You want to create an experience at your wedding
– You aren’t just looking for “the cheapest vendors” or “the best deals in town”
– You have been planning your dream wedding since you were young
– You could use a night out with your man!

You shouldn’t come to our events if:
– You just want to get some free cake, or a free food
– You don’t really care all that much about your wedding
– You don’t see value in hiring the best of the best

About the Owner – John Bunn

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by Weddings of Tulsa’s site. My name is John, and I am a local wedding pro that started a video / photo company, Redeemed Productions, in 2007. We have filmed and photographed over 500 weddings. Over the years, I have realized one thing, I love working with couples that actually care about their wedding! Imagine that! About 5 years into running RP, I signed up for a Bridal Show. Let me tell you, these are just as stressful for us wedding vendors as they are for you. I knew there had to be a better way. In 2012 we opened Weddings of Tulsa. I wanted there to be a comfortable place for brides to connect with the best of the best in Tulsa. I wanted a place as a wedding pro to connect to brides that cared about their weddings. So over the years we have gathered some of Tulsa’s top wedding pros at Weddings of Tulsa. I would be honored if you took the time to come to one of our parties, or connect with our vendors. We all love weddings, and are all like-minded when it comes to the quality we want to produce for you on your big day.