Weddings of Tulsa was created by wedding vendors, for wedding vendors! With that in mind, we designed Weddings of Tulsa to help brides connect with quality vendors, and vendors to connect with quality brides. We opened our doors in 2012, and have continued to grow into what we are today! In 2015, we moved into a showroom over twice the size of our original space (we now reside in nearly 8,000 SF of space!).

Key Benefits for Members:

8 Bridal Events – 4 Wedding Shows (Jan,Apr,Jul,Oct), 4 Themed Events (Mar,May,Sep,Nov). These events are designed to keep you in front of our brides for the duration of the year, not just in peak seasons. We believe the more you are around the brides, the better educated they become about your product or service. We are not in the business of gimmicky sales techniques or quick pitches to get business. We know how annoying the typical show can be, with aisles and aisles of salesmen trying to gimmick brides into booking with them. Not at Weddings of Tulsa! Our events have limited tickets available to keep the environment as stress free as possible! Our largest events boast over 1,000 in attendance (with 3 different show times to limit the number of people in the showroom at one time). Our Themed events typically see between 200-400 guests, which gives you plenty of time to chat with each person that stops by your booth! To see our calendar of upcoming events click here.

A Booth In Our Year Round Showroom – Our nearly 8,000 square foot showroom is open year round. We have bridal assistants here on a daily basis to chat with walk in brides, as well as greet brides before consultations! As a member, you will have a fully customizable booth space to market your product or service. A great place to leave business cards, information, and more so brides can see your information even when you aren’t here!

Venue Room – Our Venue Room is located inside our showroom and boasts 15 of Tulsa’s wedding venues! Brides come in from all over the city to check out information about local venues!

Private Consultation Room – Our space also has a private consultation room with a 50 inch flat screen to use for your presentations and meetings. This room holds up to 8 guests and is the perfect spot to chat with a future bride.

Consultation Spaces – In addition to our consultation room, we have several meeting areas in our showroom for a less official meet and greet type of meeting. Our goal is to give you everything you need to run your business! No more running to the coffee shops and dealing with that awkward moment when you’re trying to find your potential bride and groom!

Vendor Networking – This has become one of the biggest benefits to our members. We often do vendor meetings, brunches, and more to connect you to the wedding community! Referrals are a huge part of the success of Weddings of Tulsa Members. This is a great place to get plugged in to the community of local vendors and start getting referrals!

Lead Lists – After each of our events, you will be provided with a lead list with all pertinent information of the brides that attended the events. We have strict guidelines on how these can be used, to keep everyone safe, and our brides happy!

There are many more benefits to becoming a member of Weddings of Tulsa. From our Social Media presence, to workshops with our vendors, we have so much to offer our members! We would love to set up a time for you to stop by, so we can give you a tour of our showroom and get to know about you and your business. If you are interested in stopping by or getting more information, please fill out the contact form below.

Click here for a pdf of our pricing and membership options.

Here are some images from our previous events!

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  • 5E7A2230
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  • 5E7A2251
  • 5E7A2252
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  • JRP_3958
  • JRP_3961
  • JRP_3964
  • JRP_3985
  • JRP_3990
  • JRP_3992
  • JRP_4033
  • _MG_6195
  • 5E7A7767
  • 5E7A7777
  • 5E7A7780
  • 5E7A7781
  • 5E7A7784
  • 5E7A7786
  • 5E7A7787
  • 5E7A7788
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